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Because this is original creative work, I can’t make it happen on a schedule. The animals, people, and my own imagination do their thing on their schedules, not mine.

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 science fiction reviews

to Read and review the top 100 science fiction books in 100 weeks

Why review the Top 100 Science Fiction Books?  

Because long, long ago, in what seems like a galaxy far away, I grew up where the roar of rockets rattled our windows, shook the ground, and sometimes lit up the night.

Living in the shadow of Florida’s Kennedy Space Center ignited in me a fascination for space exploration and the fiction that focused on it.

Space rocket contrail
Rocket launch from Kennedy Space Center



But years, responsibilities, and distance cooled my sci fi reading.

Recently, I realized I didn’t know anything about some of the famous science fiction writers whose names I heard mentioned from time to time.

I decided to remedy my ignorance, and in the process to share my discoveries with you and anyone else interested in learning about some of the most influential books ever written.

Check out my Sci Fi Reviews section and my Sci Fi Reviews Youtube videos. Subscribe and journey with me as I examine the best and most influential works of the genre.


Sci Fi Reviews blog



In Spanish, too!

¡TambiÉn Hablo espaÑol!


sharpen the brain,

speak the language of spain!

Okay, okay. That’s corny. I hadn’t planned to say that. It just popped out.

But one reason for me to study Spanish at my age is to exercise my mental abilities and ward off dementia.

Writing stories, blogs, and recording videos in a second language definitely challenges the brain. Plus, there are so many interesting stories to tell regarding our Spanish speaking neighbors, and stories I can tell that I think they would find interesting.



Chichén Itzá, México
Visité Chichén Itzá, México en 2016. ¡Hacía mucho calor! (I visited Mexico in 2016.)



Voy a tratar de hablar de varias cosas en español. Es una cosa difícil para mi, pero pienso que me ayudará hablar en español mucho mejor. Ojala te guste.

La ciencia ficción

Voy a examinar los 100 mejores libros de ciencia ficción. Las reseñas vienen pronto, después de hacerlos en inglés.

join me in my adventures

on track and off beat

Me and a black snake
I always did like snakes and other things from nature.
Resting fawns
Twin fawns rest in my backyard

Join me in my adventures on track and off beat. I hope to make it worth your while as I indulge in my own curiosity and stir up a bit of creativity in the process.

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